Guitar 1 - Beginners
During the course you will learn to play at least 12 chords comfortably, strum chords and use bass / strum and simple finger picking styles, read very simple guitar tablature, read and play notes from the
treble clef for the top 3 strings and begin to play open bass strings, play in a very simple

You will need to practice for at least 15 minutes a day. By the end of the course you will feel comfortable playing 12 chords, reading simple guitar tabs and play in a simple ensemble.

As you know you will be amalgamating with the Absolute Beginners who have an intensive 45 minute session before you. It is Martin’s job to gradually bring them up t your level over the course of the term.
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This course is for beginners who already have completed the Autumn Term course or who already have some knowledge of playing the guitar. Prosp User 4
Please bring your own guitar, pen, pencil and ring binder. You will also need the Complete Guitar Player Book 1- (take care to get this exact title) and the Guitarist Way Book 1 (books will cost approx. £15). If possible, we recommend you have your own music stand and tuner.

Please make sure you have a suitable space for taking part in your class and that you can view your screen easily.
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This is an online course that will be delivered via Zoom, so please ensure that you can access this on the device you are using.
You will receive your Zoom login details in an email that is sent out 24 hours before the course is due to start. (Please note, if you enrol less than 24 hours before a course starts, you will receive your zoom code as soon as you enrol.) Please keep your Zoom code safe as you will need the same code for each class.

You will need to join Zoom five minutes before your session is due to start and remain in the “waiting room”. Your tutor will then admit you to the class once your session is ready to begin.

If you require help to download or use Zoom, please email at least a week before your course starts and we will endeavour to provide assistance.

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18:30 - 19:45
1.25 hrs per wk
7 weeks
Martin Morse
£42.00 - No reductions apply