Pilates for All
This Pilates course is suitable for beginners, and also for individuals who have already learnt the principles of Pilates, to further improve posture, balance and alignment of the body. The six principles of Pilates are concentration, control, centre, flow, precision and breathing. You will learn to use your ‘powerhouse’, the centre of the body, which when strengthened offers a solid foundation for any movement.

This class will focus on core strength and train the body as an integrated whole. You will improve strength and balanced muscle development through Pilates exercise, as well as enhancing flexibility and increasing the range of motion in your joints.
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Suitable for all levels, this course will develop your Pilates skills and help you to build and maintain your form, mobility and strength.

The exercises will progress as the course continues, dependent upon your individual ability. Participants are encouraged to work within their own range of movement.
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Please make sure you have a suitable space available to exercise in, where you will be able to see your screen easily and safely. Prosp User 5
This is an online course that will be delivered via Zoom, so please ensure that you can access this on the device you are using and please also ensure that your Zoom video is switched on when you start the class. You will need to join Zoom 5 minutes before your session is due to start and remain in the “waiting room”. Your tutor will then admit you to the class once your session is ready to begin.

You will receive details and joining instructions of how to access the course shortly before the start date by email.

If you require help to download or use Zoom, please email ictskills@york.gov.uk at least a week before your course starts and we will endeavour to provide assistance.

Before starting any exercise programme, it’s advisable to seek advice from your GP or a health professional if you have any health concerns, such as a health condition or an injury. As we are not qualified healthcare professionals, by participating in one of our online courses you agree to take full responsibility for your own health, wellbeing and safety.

If you have any health problems or difficulties that you suffer from which you feel may impact on your ability to participate in this class please email york.learning@york.gov.uk with the class you will be attending (title/code/tutor) and we will forward this onto the relevant tutor who will, if they feel it appropriate, contact you before your first class to discuss this with you.

Before you start your course, please click here to complete the online induction.
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18:30 - 19:15
0.75 hrs per wk
5 weeks
Linda Perry
£23.00 - No reductions apply