French Beginners & Beginners Plus - term 2
During this course you will:
Give and receive personal information.
Order something to eat and drink in a café or restaurant.
Use numbers (1-100).
Ask for and understand simple directions in the town.
Book a hotel room and report a problem.
Tell the time and understand opening times.
Buy food and drink in a shop .
Express an opinion.
Talk about sport and what you do in your free time.

You will learn by listening to and repeating new words and phrases, reading short texts, doing a variety of exercises and practising new language in role play situations.
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This course builds on knowledge and skills acquired in the previous term and extends language and practice opportunities in the settings above.
If you were unable to attend last term and already have a basic understanding of French then please sign up as this course is also for you
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You may find it helpful to have a note pad & pencil nearby in case you’d like to take notes during the class. Prosp User 5
No session on 16th February 2021.

This is an online course that will be delivered via Zoom, so please ensure that you can access this on the device you are using. You will receive details and joining instructions of how to access the course shortly before the start date by email.

You will need to join Zoom five minutes before your session is due to start and remain in the “waiting room”. Your tutor will then admit you to the class once your session is ready to begin.

If you require help to download or use Zoom, please email at least a week before your course starts and we will endeavour to provide assistance.

Before you start your course, please click here to complete the online induction.
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19:00 - 21:00
2.00 hrs per wk
10 weeks
Julia Clayton
£90.00 or £80 if in receipt of State Pension; or £35 if in receipt of certain means-tested benefits.