SAGE Computerised Payroll for Business Level 1 Award
SAGE Computerised Payroll for Business Level 1 Award Prosp User 3
This course is ideal for people who have completed the Computerised Payroll Level 1 qualification or who have some understanding of payroll functions and want to learn how to complete more advanced tasks such as calculating statutory sick pay, statutory maternity pay, pension schemes, and more.

SAGE have developed the course to give you the most up to date skills required by employers, or learn how to run the payroll system for your own business. This will save time and money, particularly if payroll tasks are usually outsourced to an accountant.

You will cover the following payroll task and activities. :
• Statutory Sick Pay
• Statutory Maternity Pay
• Pension Schemes
• Calculate gross and net pay • Attachment of earnings orders
• Use Spreadsheet software
• Computerised payroll theory and skills
You will complete self-assessments and a practice test, followed by a final online assessment.
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A hard copy of the coursework is available at an additional fee of £30. You must start the course within 4 weeks of enrolment and maintain regular contact with your tutor. Prosp User 5
You will have access to the Sage e-learning Portal, where you will be able to access all online learning materials, including formative and practice simulations. (Six months access only).

Good computing skills are required to access the portal and download materials.

The course usually requires six hours of study per week for a period of six to eight weeks. You will have access to the software and portal for six months, but this can be extended for a small additional cost. A 1-1 meeting with a tutor to assess your IT skills and go through enrolment onto the portal is required before commencement of the course
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To be confirmed
£140 full fee