Doorstep Digital Skills for you
Are you feeling left out of the Digital world? Trying to help your children with their homework online but don’t know how to get online to start? We can help.
We can bring tablets and work with you, using social distancing, to help you get online and get started. We’d do this over three weeks, long enough to get started and overcome those digital hurdles.
We can work with you on the things that matter to you – getting on social media, using FaceTime to call your family, internet shopping or whatever it might be.
Prosp User 3
This course is for absolute beginners (and those who support them) who would like to learn digital basics and how to get online in a safe, socially distanced setting. Prosp User 4
We will come to you with everything we need to teach you how to get online. We would do this using full social distancing measures. Prosp User 5
You should become happier to get online and access the sites and programmes you want. We have other courses that you can progress onto at lots of different levels if you wish. Prosp User 6
3 weeks
To be confirmed