Initial Assessment for Functional Skills Maths Courses
The Initial Assessment is a 1-1 meeting with a maths tutor, which will be conducted online using Zoom (a video call). You will be emailed an invitation to the meeting the day before and you will just need to use the link and follow some simple instructions to join the tutor in the call.
The assessment will last a maximum of 30 minutes. The tutor will spend some time talking with you about how you use maths in your life and why you want to improve your skills. You will then do a short maths assessment. This will be mainly done through talking about the maths and may cover topics such as subtraction, times tables, rounding, word problems.
If suitable, the tutor will then offer you a place on one of our courses:
• a 5 week course for learners who need some revision of the basics of maths. The tutor will teach a small group via Zoom with lots of online follow up activities.
• an online course for learners who are more confident with the basics and are ready to work on topics such as percentages, ratio, area, averages. Learners will work individually, with a tutor available by Zoom/email/text to answer queries.
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This Initial Assessment is for people who are interested in improving their maths and who do not have a C (or 4) in GCSE maths or an equivalent qualification, such as Level 2 Functional Skills. If you then go on to join a course you will need to have sufficient IT skills to be able to use online learning resources.

To be eligible for a free maths course, you need to have been living in the UK or EU for at least the last three years.

This assessment is not suitable for GCSE. If you are interested in GCSE please email to register your interest.
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You will need to have a laptop, PC or device with a Webcam and access to the internet.

You will need a pen and paper.

The Initial Assessment and any maths courses you might then join, are free.
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There are eligibility requirements for these courses. Maths courses are free if you don't already have an C/4 or above at GCSE, and have been in the UK or EU for at least three years. Prosp User 6
1.00 hrs per wk
1 weeks
To be confirmed