Initial Assessment for ESOL courses
English for Speakers of Other Languages courses are for individuals who speak English as a second language and want to improve their speaking, listening, reading and writing skills in English. Classes are normally four hours a week for 33 weeks (a year).

We have courses available at five levels:
Pre-Entry (£60)
Entry Level 1 (£60)
Entry Level 2 (£300)
Entry Level 3 (£300/£450)
Level 1 (£300/£450)

To get started, please book an appointment for an initial assessment, where a tutor will assess your level and tell you which course is most appropriate.

The Initial Assessment is a 1-1 meeting with a tutor, which will be conducted online using Zoom (a video call). You will be emailed an invitation to the meeting the day before and you will just need to use the link and follow some simple instructions to join your tutor in the call. The assessment will last approximately 30 minutes.
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To be eligible for an ESOL course with York Learning you need to be:
- Over 19
- Resident in the UK/EU for at least the last 3 years

You may be eligible for help with funding if you are:
- Unemployed and in receipt of JSA or Universal Credit
- Earning less than £17,004
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You will need:
• a laptop, computer or device with a webcam and access to the internet
• a pen and paper
• a phone with a camera and access to email
• ID (Passport or driving licence, for example)

If you are eligible for a free place, please bring your proof of benefits or payslips.
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1.00 hrs per wk
1 weeks
To be confirmed