Festival Fun with Numbers
A child’s sense of number starts from a very early age. Learning to count is a child’s first steps into mathematics. This workshop will focus on developing a child’s counting skills, providing you with lots of ideas, games and activities. We will look at real life situations and show how easy it is to help children see that numbers are part of everyday life. We will also look at how children progress into the school years and develop their counting skills. Prosp User 3
If you have children in pre school and have ever wondered about how maths is taught, then this is the course for you. Prosp User 4
This is an online course that will be delivered via Zoom, so please ensure that you can access this on the device you are using and please also ensure that your Zoom video is switched on when you start the class. Please join Zoom five minutes before your session is due to start where you will be held in the ‘waiting room’. Your tutor will then admit you when they are ready for the class to begin.

You will receive details and joining instructions of how to access the course shortly before the start date by email.

If you require help to download or use Zoom, please email ictskills@york.gov.uk at least a week before your course starts and we will endeavour to provide assistance
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10:00 - 11:00
1.00 hrs per wk
1 weeks
Ange Tomlinson