Initial Assessment Computing and Digital Skills
If you’re not sure which is the next step for you, book a free IT assessment with one of our Flexible Learning IT tutors. Your existing IT level will be discussed and potential for growing those skills to improve employability or access to the digital world discussed. Our tutors can give you information on a full range of courses from Absolute Beginners through to Digital Inclusion, ECDL, Photoshop, Web design and more. Prosp User 3
Suitable for anyone who wants to improve their computer use, at any level Prosp User 4
Don’t worry if you don’t know but it would be useful if you can bring information about the following: Previous qualifications, versions of Microsoft Office you have access to (if any) and any benefits that you receive. Prosp User 5
If you need to re-arrange your appointment with us for any reason please call us on 01904 554277 and we will be happy to change the date and/or time for you. Prosp User 6
10.00 hrs per wk
Kim Simpson