Lunchtime Yoga for Wellbeing
Work at a desk? Here’s why you should practice Yoga!!! Research shows us sitting for prolonged periods can have negative effect on health and is often uncomfortable. Sitting over a keyboard for hours can contribute to tightness in the hips and legs, in addition to neck, shoulder and back pain in upper body. This short Yoga class is not only aimed at promoting flexibility, it will help to work on areas of tension and identify and correct imbalances. Also good for your mental health, it can help to calm the mind, improve stress and anxiety levels and enhance mood. So… take that lunch break and join us and feel the benefits!

A 2018 survey found that majority (81%) of UK office workers spent between 4-9 hours a day sitting at their desks this can be uncomfortable with this position putting strain on their upper body, shoulders and arms. Sitting over a keyboard for hours can contribute to tightness in the hips and legs, in addition to neck shoulder and back pain. This position can also exacerbate poor posture /alignment of the spine. This short class is aimed at promoting flexibility helping you to identify and work on areas of tension and start to notice and correct imbalances.
Taking this short time out can also help calm the mind and slowing racing thought patterns, has a positive affect on stress and anxiety improving mood. Yoga is a holistic healthy and accessible way to address and help improve short/long term health problems.

Through the sessions you will identify and work on areas of tension in the body, correct posture and alignment. Use breath/relaxation to calm and focus the mind.
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This course is suitable for all levels, people with no experience of Yoga, however, a general level of health & fitness is desirable. Prosp User 4
Please make sure you have a suitable space available to exercise in, where you will be able to see your screen easily and safely. Prosp User 5
This is an online course that will be delivered via Zoom, so please ensure you can access this on the device you are using and please also ensure that your Zoom video is switched on when you start the class. You will receive details and joining instructions of how to access the course shortly before the start date by email.

If you require help to download or use Zoom, please email at least a week before your course starts and we will endeavour to provide assistance.

To ensure that you get the most out of your online course, and are able to participate safely we would be grateful if you would spend a few minutes completing this Health Questionnaire. It is important that your tutor should be aware of any health problems or difficulties that you suffer from and they may, if they feel it appropriate, contact you before your first class to discuss this with you. Please visit to complete this questionnaire.

Before starting any exercise programme it’s advisable to seek advice from your GP or a health professional if you have any health concerns, such as a health condition or an injury. As we are not qualified healthcare professionals, by participating in one of our online courses you agree to take full responsibility for your own health, wellbeing and safety.
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12:30 - 13:10
1.00 hrs per wk
8 weeks