Italian Cook-in
Join us for our third 'Cook-in'. This week its Italian. Options again for the Vegans and Veggies among you. So cooking again with Hilary and your lock-down buddies!
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This course is suitable for anyone who enjoys Italian cooking and wants to improve their skills! You will need to be able to access this online course via Zoom. Prosp User 4
Italian ‘Cook-in’ - Pesto Pasta with Chicken (Veggie options)
We will cook this dish together on zoom. We are time limited so please have everything ready and weighed out before we start so we can have time for questions at the end
Prep Time(before session): 30mins max Servings: 4
Prep and Cook time during session: 30 mins

• A small liquidizer/blender
• A large pan to cook the pasta before the class starts
• A large frying pan to fry the chicken strips
• A spatula or fish slice
Ingredients (for the pasta dish you will need for 4 persons)
• 1 quantity of pesto (see below)
• 300g dry pasta – penne or fusilli which you will cook before the lesson starts and leave drained and covered ready to use – you can add a little oil or vodka to prevent it sticking together
• 150g crème fraiche (optional)
• 400g chicken breasts sliced thinly or you can substitute Quorn or halloumi
• Salt and pepper
Pesto: (We will make this together)
• 10g fresh coriander or basil
• 10g flat leaf parsley
• 1 orange zest and juice or 20ml olive oil
• 10g pistachio or pine nuts
• 15g fresh Parmesan cheese (vegan if necessary)
• 1 clove garlic
• 1/2tsp salt & freshly ground black pepper
This pesto is made from coriander or basil but if you have any bags of watercress, rocket or spinach, pesto can be made with any of those and any nuts such as pistachios, walnuts, or almonds depending on your choice.

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This is an online course. You will receive details about how to access the course shortly before the start date. Prosp User 6
18:00 - 19:00
1.00 hrs per wk
1 weeks