Bitesize - Mail Merge
This is a flexible learning computer course, you will be working from a workbook with the support of an experienced tutor. You will learn how to create a document layout suitable for mail merge and a data list compiled of multiple fields – for example a letter addressed to multiple recipients or a sheet of address labels. There is no certificate for this course, but your work will be assessed by a tutor to provide feedback and track progress. Prosp User 3
For an intermediate computer user who has some knowledge of Microsoft Word but needs help to complete a specific task. There will be a short phone assessment to ensure your skills are sufficient to allow you to benefit from this course. You may register for up to three different bitesize courses. Prosp User 4
Please bring a notebook and pen or pencil. You might want to bring a USB memory stick. Prosp User 5
1.00 hrs per wk
2 weeks
No reductions apply