Bitesize - Filling in Online Forms
From Universal Credit to applying for a passport, everything seems to need you to fill in a form online now. On this flexible learning course, you will be working from a workbook and connected to online training using ‘Learn My Way’ with the support of an experienced tutor. The course material is written for those using computers but the skills are transferrable to those using tablets or their phones. Prosp User 3
This course is ideal for anyone who is not confident filling in forms online. There will be a short phone assessment to ensure your skills are sufficient to allow you to benefit from this course. You may register for up to three different bitesize courses. Prosp User 4
You will be working on the Internet – if you want to look at specific accounts that you are already registered for, please make sure you are familiar with your username and password. Prosp User 5
2.00 hrs per wk
2 weeks
No reductions apply