A1545T1-Lino Printing - Handmade Christmas Cards
Using a seasonal theme, learners will produce original and personal lino prints – for use on greetings cards or artwork.
The session will start by looking at some examples of lino cut prints. Then, using traditional seasonal images, learners will work on their own design for a Christmas card.
At this point learners can choose to either use designs / templates provided by the tutor as inspiration or they may decide to work more independently, drawing and/or adapting their own ideas to translate using the lino printing process. If you already have specific ideas, you are welcome to bring those along on the day.
Printed images produced in class can be used to decorate one off cards - or they can be scanned or photocopied later to produce higher numbers.
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This workshop is aimed at anyone from beginners to those with an artistic background. Prosp User 4
Please wear old clothes or bring an apron to wear on the day as printing can be messy!
A charge of £3 cash will be made by the tutor to cover the cost of the lino. Hot drinks will be available for a small charge but please bring a packed lunch.
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10:30 - 15:30
5.00 hrs per wk
1 weeks
No reductions apply.